• Body-Centered Therapies

    The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. ~ Hippocrates

    Thai Reflexology & Foot Massage

    Thai Reflexology is both invigorating and relaxing - it uses a fabulous reflexology stick to work the energy points in your feet, skin-loving oils for a glorious foot & leg massage and even some Thai Yoga Massage for your upper body, legs & hips. A safe and holistic healing modality for just about everyone, this body and sole-loving treatment can be especially helpful for those who don’t want to or aren’t able to receive full body massage. Your feet and entire body will thank you! 1 hour $65


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    Integrative Bodywork

    Flowing from a foundation of therapeutic massage, and intuitively incorporating elements of energy healing, hand medicine known as Core Synchronism, the mindful application of essential oils, and Thai Reflexology, your integrative session is unique to your needs. As your body reaches deeper and deeper states of relaxation, dis-synchronistic patterns of movement are released and their related symptoms ~ such as fatigue, inflammation, emotional distress and pain ~ are eased. Your muscles are tended to and your body, brain and energy field come back into balance. 75 minutes $85


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    AromaTouch Technique

    Release the harmful effects of the stress & toxins of modern life with an AromaTouch Technique treatment. Your body & brain will be enveloped in a powerful blend of restorative essential oils - applied systematically with soothing, rhythmic strokes - that smell heavenly and work wonders. A sense of serenity and greater well-being is just 45 minutes away. $55


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